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In familiarity, lives the unknown; the two must coexist.

Project OAX, was made during two separate visits between 2018 and 2019.  These trips taught me that curiosity and a lack of communication can sometimes lead to misunderstanding, but signs from the past can linger in a new form hinting to a welcoming familiarity: an interesting coexistence between man and nature, electric colors lacing the streets in the most effortless ways, cotton candy vendors taunting children with candy and secret prizes, and religious celebrations honored by dance.  In familiarity lives the unknown; the two must coexist.


Mexico and I have over a 10 year relationship. She has welcomed me as a kid on vacation with my family and later as a man exploring and navigating love in more ways than one. These composed moments are a part of a greater attempt to understand where Mexico and I are in relation to one another culturally and spiritually, where we are in relation to our inner selves, and where our relationship stands today in relation to what it once was.     

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